We have some of our dogs in guardian families.  We feel our dogs deserve the love and attention only a family can give them.  We can’t have all of our breeding dogs in our house, so the next best thing is to let other people raise them and love them, then bring them to us for breeding and whelping when the time is right.  When the dog has completed her breeding career, she remains with the guardian family for the rest of her life.  We will provide for all breeding related expenses and the guardian family takes care of all other routine healthcare.  

If you are interested, there are several requirements of the breeder and the guardian home.   The guardian must reside within an hour of the breeder.  Guardians get their dog for free although they remain under our ownership till they have had a maximum of 6 litters.  All costs associated with breeding and testing the dogs is covered by the breeder and guardians are compensated for the litters they produce.  When the dog retires, she is spayed at the breeder’s expense and ownership is transferred to the guardian.

BB, on the right, is our first guardian pup.  She lives with Frankie in Placerville.