Sophie and Phoenix had their first litter in the wee hours of January 16, 2021.  There are 4 boys and 2 girls.  I anticipate pups that grow to be 20-30 lbs and are darker in color.   The waitlist is closed.

4 weeks  

Baxter is the lightest colored boy in the litter.  He is reserved for Sharon and will be known as Oakley.


Brinkley is the bigger of the two girls and very friendly.  She is reserved for Karen and Bruce.

Calhoun is a funny dark boy who is also somewhat laid back.  He is reserved for Rachel.

Chevy is another light colored boy who is very calm.  He is reserved for Candace.

Sherman is a curious, friendly little guy.  He is reserved for Elisa.      

Starla is a tiny dark girl who is very busy and entertaining.  She is reserved for Gigi.






1 week



Sophie and Phoenix


Sophie’s past puppies