Sophie (24 lb) and Bilbo (25 lbs) had 9 puppies on August 2.  They had 4 girls and 5 boys.  Their puppies should be 25-35 lbs as adults.   There is no room on the waiting list. 

4 weeks

Clover is a sweet little girl with wavy curls.  She is reserved for Catherine.


Laramie is a lighter colored boy with curly hair.  He is reserved for Michael.


Paddington is a cute boy who will have loose curls.  He is reserved.


Colette is a gentle girl who will have soft curls.  She is reserved for Olga.


Rudy is the littlest guy of the litter.  He is reserved for Rose.


Sienna is a bigger girl with loose curls.  She is reserved for Jeannie.


Simon is the biggest boy in the litter and will have lots of curls.  He is reserved for Shannon.


Sunflower is a very friendly girl who will have tighter curls.  She is reserved for Sophia.


The Boys 


The Girls


The parents:


Past puppies