9-16-20  Jasmine went home yesterday to her forever home and is loving her new life of luxury!  She has earned her wonderful retirement!
I still have no DNA results on Lilly’s puppies yet!  I am eagerly watching the website daily!  They are really starting to waddle around and even try kibble!
Gabbi and Sophie’s puppies are all reserved and chosen except the last 2 and I should know who is getting them this weekend.  My next litter of minis will be in February, hopefully.  If you are looking to get on a list for minis, check the website in January for announcements regarding the opening of my wait lists.   
I am still waiting for Tinkerbell to go into heat for medium sized pups near December.  I should be opening a list in November for that litter.  All of my waiting lists are closed unless you already own a Quartz Mountain Pup.  If you do and you are wanting another puppy, you can get on a waiting list any time you chose!
9-2-20  DNA tests are being sent out on Lilly’s pups.  I hope to know which are standard and which are medium by the end of September.  Gabbi and Sophie’s pups are all playing outside and eating solid food and growing well.  It is hard to get work done with all those puppies jumping at my ankles!  I learned today that spraying cement pens is not a good idea while wearing Crocs.  Who knew they were so slippery!  There are new photos of Sophie’s pups and Lilly’s too!  Enjoy!
8-25-20  Lilly had puppies yesterday!  She has 6 boys and 1 girl.  Mommy and babies are doing well.  The colors range from light apricot to a dark red.  I will be sending off the DNA tests later this week and hope to have results back by mid September when I will open her waiting list. 
Gabbi’s puppies are wandering outside a bit and I have just posted new photos of them.  I hope to do some new photos of Sophie’s puppies in the next few days as well.  I will begin setting appointments for people on their list to come visit and pick out their babies in a couple of weeks.
8-10-20  Sophie has had her puppies!  She actually delivered 9 healthy puppies while we were at my cousin’s house for dinner!  We came back home last Sunday to 4 girls and 5 boys!  Sophie is being a very attentive mommy and all of her babies, though small, are doing well.  She actually jumped the fence between her and Gabbi’s pen and had 3 of her babies in with Gabbi and her chubby babies. 
Gabbi’s babies are beginning to open their little eyes.  I hope to do individual photos in the next couple of days. 
Lilly is definitely pregnant and is due on August 18.  She is not huge, so I am not expecting a large litter.  Of course, Sophie was tiny and gave us 9 pups.  We were all very surprised about that! I will DNA test them as soon as I can so that I know which are medium and which are standard.  At that time, I will be able to open my waiting list.  I expect that to be about mid September.  
7-28-20  Gabbi surprised me on Sunday by delivering 9 puppies on Sunday, 4 days before her due date!  All pups and momma are doing well.  There are 7 boys and 2 girls.  The girls came first and I was so excited thinking that I would have lots of girls for all the people on the waiting list who prefer girls, but all the rest of the pups were boys!  So many things we can’t control!  We are so happy with all 9 beautiful little babies! 
Sophie is due on August 8 and she is looking a little like a goat!  I am hoping Lilly is pregnant.  She’s at the stage where she looks wider in the chest area, but I’m not sure if she is pregnant or just chubby!  
7-21-20  We want to thank everyone who emailed yesterday.  Within the first 2 minutes of the list opening up, we had over 40 inquiries for only 3 spots.  Needless to say, we felt terrible breaking so many people’s hearts! Our waiting list for minis is closed until January 2021.
Gabbi is getting very large and I am sure that she is having more than her normal 5 puppies.  Sophie is also growing, but I really don’t have a feel for how many puppies she is carrying right now.  Lilly is still an unknown.  Sometimes I think she is pregnant and other times I wonder…. Three of our young girls just went out of heat, so in 6 months, when they go into heat again, they can be bred.   
Jasmine’s 4 puppies are going home this weekend and they are growing like weeds!
7-11-20  Paisley went home with her new family this morning.  She gets to bask in the attention from 4 people and her daughter, Ginger.  She will be missed.  She was my first goldendoodle mother!  She is a sweet, calm, loving girl.
7-9-20  Sophie is pregnant as well as Gabbi.  I have 8 people on my list for the litters.  In the past, both dogs have given me 5 puppies each, so I am expecting the same number of puppies this time, but hoping one of them gives me 6 pups!  We will see! 
I will be opening the waiting list for the first 3 names of the people who email me beginning at 10 am on Monday, July 20.   NO ONE will be placed on the list before that time and date.  I will respond to your email on the 20th as soon as I can with a form and instructions on placing a deposit.  Our email is quartzmountainpoodles@gmail.com.  
Lilly has been bred and should be giving me some standard as well as some medium goldendoodles.  I will be testing the puppies’ DNA to see how many of each size I have before I open up Lilly’s waiting list.  I expect to know the results mid September.
6-30-20  I am pleased to announce that Gabbi is indeed pregnant and due to have pups on July 31!  Yeah!  I am so happy about this!  I should know about Sophie in a couple of weeks.  When I know, I will let you all know.  At this point, because Tinkerbell didn’t have her litter as expected, people have moved over to the mini list and I might have 2 openings for Sophie’s list.  I do expect more pups in spring of 2021.
6-23-20  I just want everyone who is being so patient about upcoming mini goldendoodle litters that when My list opens up, I will only have room for 2 or 3 people.  I wish I had more room, but I just don’t.  However, Gabbi, Sophie and my new girl, Arya, will hopefully be having more litters around February of 2021.  I will be posting photos of Arya later this week.  She has passed her genetic tests and now I just need to wait till she is a year old and test her hips and elbows.
6-22-20  Jasmine’s pups have opened their eyes and are beginning to really move about.  They’ve discovered their voices and it is adorable!
I am cautiously optimistic that Gabbi  is pregnant.  She seems to be widening out, but it is still a little early to confirm.  Sophie and Lilly have also been bred, so we will just sit back and wait to see if they start to “blossom”!
5-3-20  Paisley’s last puppy goes home tomorrow.  All the rest went home Friday and Saturday.  Its a little sad, but I know how much they are loved in their new homes.
Jasmine is definitely pregnant and due around June 5.  I’m not sure about Gabbi yet, but I should know in a couple of weeks.
4-14-20  Paisley’s puppies are in the selection process and are as cute as can be!  Gabbi, Jasmine and Tinkerbell have been bred, but it is much to early to determine pregnancy.  Gabbi’s waiting list is closed.  I am waiting to tell if she is pregnant.  If she is, I will be opening up the list for Sophie’s next litter.
We are actively seeking guardian homes for several girls so that they will get more attention than we can give them at this time.   We love our dogs, but feel they would be happier being part of a home.
Tigerlilly went to her new home in North Hollywood.
3-7-20    Paisley had 7 beautiful puppies on Friday, the 6th.  This is her very last litter and she will be retiring to live in the lap of luxury after they are weaned.  Selection time for Sophie’s litter is beginning on Sunday and Lilly’s pups will be chosen beginning with next weekend.
7-8-19 Jasmine’s last puppy was sold today and went home to Sunnyvale!
Lilly had 10 puppies on July 3 and they are all growing nicely!  Tigerlilly is due later this week and Tinkerbell is due about a week later.  Sophie is definitely pregnant and due at the end of the month.
4-9-19  Gabbi is looking nice and round.  I am so looking forward to her pups since she hasn’t had any for awhile.
We got another dark red mini F1 goldendoodle named Sophie.  When she came to us from Michigan, she needed a haircut and the groomer shaved her!  So, I’ve been waiting to take pictures of her as her hair grows out.  She’s looking pretty good now, so pictures will be coming soon!
2-23-19  Tinkerbell is definitely pregnant and her tummy is starting to feel like an inflated basketball.  She is due on March 8 and I can’t wait to meet the puppies!
1-15-19  Paisley had 10 puppies on Sunday!  5 girls and 5 boys!  She is an amazing, loving mommy.  One of the little boys was not breathing when it was born and we had to massage it and suction out the nose and mouth, but he was still very lethargic.  After tube feeding every 2-3 hours, he finally started making noise and moving around at 2:30 in the morning.  Now, he is back with his mother, nursing and acting like everyone else!
1-4-19       Rosebud’s 13 puppies are starting to waddle around and open their eyes.  They are looking more adorable every day.  Paisley is looking more and more uncomfortable and is due on the 12th, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she delivers earlier.
8-3-18         We had an ultrasound on Tigerlilly and Gabbi and both girls are pregnant.  The vet says Gabbi has at least 8 puppies and Tigerlilly has about 6.   Tigerlilly’s list is full, but I have 3 spaces available for Gabbi.
7-31-18      All of Lilly’s puppies are reserved.  Our next litter of minis will be with either Gabbi or Tigerlilly.  They are having ultrasounds to confirm pregnancies this coming Thursday.
7-30-18           We have 2 mini/medium males available and 6 standard sized males available.  Paisley’s puppies are ready to be viewed as well She has 3 males and 6 females.
7-11-18          We have three litters of puppies keeping us busy.  Rosie’s puppies just had their first taste of real food and thoroughly approved!  Paisley’s puppies just had their dewclaws removed and Lilly’s puppies are moving out of their whelping box into the great big, wide world of their puppy pen.
7-7-18          Gabbi and Tigerlilly have been bred.  I should know if they are pregnant near the end of August.
6-6-18           We have 2 black f1 standard goldendoodle puppies available.
Lilly and Rosie are due in a couple of weeks and both are getting round and slowing down.