Mini Goldendoodles (25-35 lbs)

I anticipate 3 or 4 litters ready to go home from fall to the end of the year.  Puppies will be $3000 unless they are particolored.  Partis are $300 more.  My mini list is closed till fall, if I have extra puppies.  Otherwise, the list will open in December or January.

1. Megan Ac – either (waiting for fall) 

2. Karen N – Female (Gabbi pup-waiting for fall litter) 
3. Rose – male (waiting for Sophie’s next litter) 
4. Staci H – red or apricot female
5. Cedar- either, red or apricot 
6. Nanine – female dark red (also on medium list) 
7.  Kyle and Tesha W – either ( Arya’s) 
8.  Matt and Amanda S – male red or apricot
9.  Melanie J – female preferred, solid or parti 
10.  Tai V – either, red or apricot
11.  Tara P – female, solid or parti (also on medium list) 
12.  Carli C – male, any color solid
13. Bud and Jan S – either, parti preferred 
14.  Renee and Chris D – either, red or apricot (also on medium list)
15.  Sheetal N – female, solid 
16.  Sarah L – either red or apricot
17.  Maria C – either, solid
18.  Dennis and Grace – either, red/apricot
19.  Linsay H – either, red or apricot 
20.  Sandy and Bill C- male, red/apricot or parti 
21.  Tejas O – male, red/apricot 
22.  Courtney D – either, apricot solid or light parti 
23.  Deran B – female, red/apricot or parti 
24.  Nicolyn H – male, apricot/red (also on medium list)