Mini Goldendoodles (25-35 lbs) 

The waiting list is closed. 

I will be opening the waiting list for the first 3 names of the people who email me beginning at 10 am on Monday, July 20.   NO ONE will be placed on the list before that time and date.  I will respond to your email on the 20th as soon as I can with a form and instructions on placing a deposit.  Our email is  

My next litters will be born around February 2021.

Gabbi and Bilbo (List is full)
1.  Claire and Peter – female (2/6/20) 
2.  Catherine – female (2/19/20) 
3.  Supreet – female (3/30/20) 
4. Sabrina – female (4/13/20) 
5. Darnell – male (4/13/20) 
6. Sudha – (moved from Tinkerbell’s) 
7. Sophia-female (moved from Tinkerbell) 
8. Judy and Jerry-female (moved from Tinkerbell)
9.  Heather – (moved from Tinkerbell, but still open to medium)