Medium  Goldendoodles (35-50 lbs)  

Tinkerbell is likely to have a litter in December or January.  These will be F1B puppies.  I will open the waiting list when I know she is pregnant.   Please check in November.  The list is closed right now unless you already own a Quartz Mountain pup.


1.  Rhea-parti male
2.  Carol-parti either 
3.  Danna T – solid colored female (move to Lilly)
4. Therese – parti, either 


Lilly might have some F1 medium goldendoodles in the month of August.  I will be genetically testing her pups because some are standard and some are medium in size.  When I know how many medium sized pups there are, I will hopefully be able to open up this list.  Please check back in late September.