Medium  Goldendoodles (35-50 lbs)  

Lilly has been bred and we will know if she is pregnant in a few weeks.  Her puppies will be F1 medium goldendoodles.   Also, Lily (Cleo) just went into heat and will be bred in the beginning part of March for puppies in May.


1.  Marti E – female, but open (wait till May or June)
2. John and Stephanie M – male preferred, solid preferred (waiting for later litter)
3. Elveen and Kartika – male, solid preferred
4. Cedar – either, solid
5.  Kim – male, solid
6. Susannah – either 
7.  Nanine – female 
8.  Deanna – female preferred, black 
9.  Veronica P – female preferred (Quartz Mountain puppy owner) 
10.  John & Barbara C – female (also on Mini list)
Jack-either, parti preferred  (wait till next summer)
 Greg A.- Oso
 Fabiola B – Scout (Marmalade)
 Anthony and Heather-Winnie (Marshmallow)
 Nick – Ranger
 Helena – Topaz
Marina & Serge – Taz