We are currently looking for a few guardian homes. 
When Rosie is done with her litter, we feel she would love to live with a family who doesn’t have any cats.  She gets along well with most dogs, but is more of an alpha.  She loves to fetch and loves the water.  She is an active girl and loves attention.


We have a little 12 week old boy, Tucker, who would thrive in a home.  He gets along with everyone.  He is not housebroken yet, but we are working on it.  He’ll be about 10 lbs.  


There are a couple of others who we would consider placing in a guardian home as well.  If you are interested in a particular dog, please email or text.



We have some of our dogs in guardian families.  We feel our dogs deserve the love and attention only a family can give them.  We can’t have all of our breeding dogs in our house, so the next best thing is to let other people raise them and love them, then bring them to us for breeding and whelping when the time is right.  When the dog has completed her breeding career, she remains with the guardian family for the rest of her life.  We will provide for all breeding related expenses and the guardian family takes care of all other routine healthcare.  

If you are interested, there are several requirements of the breeder and the guardian home.   This is mainly geared towards our girls, but guidelines mainly apply to the boys as well.  The guardian must reside within an hour of the breeder.

The breeder is responsible to:

  1. provide the breeding dog free of charge
  2. visit the residence of the guardian at least once a year
  3. train the guardian to recognize a heat cycle and whelping signs
  4. pay for all expenses involved in proper testing of breeding dog (hip x-rays, DNA tests, etc.)
  5. provide information on proper dietary guidelines and health care instruction for the breeding dog from the time she is a puppy through pregnancies and beyond.
  6. pay the guardian $300 per puppy produced.
  7. transfer ownership of the breeding dog to the guardian after her breeding career is completed.

The Guardian is responsible to:

  1. Safely confine the dog at all times, whether by leash or fence especially when she is in heat.
  2. provide adequate daily exercise and nutrition.
  3. provide basic obedience training and housebreaking.
  4. provide regular vet care including vaccinations, flea and tick med, and heartworm medication.
  5. consult with the breeder at the first sign of illness or injury.
  6. keep the dog well groomed.
  7. notify the breeder immediately upon noticing signs of heat.
  8. deliver the dog to the breeder for breeding or health testing at the request of the breeder.
  9. deliver the dog about a week before her due date where she will remain till the puppies are weaned at 7 weeks.  Then, she will return to the guardian.


BB, on the right, is our first guardian pup.  She lives with Frankie in Placerville.