Gabbi and Phoenix had their first litter together during the early morning hours on Tuesday, March 2.  There are 4 girls and 3 boys.  Puppies should be around 20-30 lbs.  All puppies are reserved for people on the waiting list. 

3 weeks

Carmen is a curly, medium red girl.  She is reserved for Abe and Justin.


Clancy is the lightest colored pup of the litter.  He will have a looser curl when he is older.  He is reserved.


Flynn is very curly and dark red.  He is reserved for Michael and Myrna.


Paprika is a curly, dark, chubby girl.  She is reserved for Nicole.


Pippa will have medium curl and a dark red color.  She is reserved for John and Barbara.


Rusty is a dark red boy who will have loose curls.  He is reserved.


Tangerine is a dark red girl who will have soft, waves.  She is reserved for Jane.


Happy Birthday!

The Parents:  Gabbi and Phoenix