Daisy and Phoenix have a litter of mini F1B Goldendoodles, born on August 18.  These pups should mature to about 25-30 lbs.   Daisy’s puppies will enter the selection phase on September 28 and her puppies will be ready to move into their new homes on October 12.  $2500

3.5 weeks  

Jack is the darkest red puppy of Daisy’s and he’s a chunky little guy.  He is reserved along with his sister, Poppy, for Sharon and Al.  His new name is Bro.


Kate is the smallest girl and the lightest in color.  She is reserved for Tami and Tim and will be renamed, Chloe.


Kevin is a dark red boy with a little white spot on his chest.  He will be going home with Rob and Sam and known as Oslo.


Randall is a medium apricot boy. Look at that face!  He is available.


Rebecca is a red, curly girl with such thoughtful eyes.  She has been reserved, along with Bro for Sharon and Alvin and will be called Poppy.


William is an apricot boy with a white patch on his chin.  He is reserved for Alyssa and will be given the name, Austin.

At Birth

The Parents:  Daisy and Phoenix