BB and Phoenix had their first litter of mini goldendoodle puppies on April 12 from 11pm to 5 am.  Frankie, her guardian mom and I were super tired after our all nighter, but BB did great!  She had 10 puppies, of which 6 are black and 4 are red or apricot.  There are 6 boys and 4 girls as well. 

4 weeks old

Lacy is a little, calm girl who is reserved for Celeste and will be called Gabby.


Lamont is a curly, super friendly boy.  He is reserved for Rachel and John and will be called Louie V.


Leo is a big, laid back boy who is reserved for Emilie, who is naming him Phil.


Lily is a little sweet girl and she is reserved for Megan A and will be known as Indie.


Lincoln is a sweet, gentle boy who will have wavy hair.  He is reserved for Maureen.



Linus is a curly, fun loving boy who is reserved for Gina and will be called Sully.


Lionel is going to have lovely wavy hair.  He is reserved for Lauren.


Lucas is a very funny guy who already likes balls.  He is reserved for Max and will be renamed Sparky.


Lucy is the darkest red of the girls and is reserved for Megan T who is renaming her Oakley.


Luna has the sweetest little round head and curls.  She is reserved for Maureen.


Newborn Photos

The Parents:  BB and Phoenix