Artemis and Ozzy  had a litter of 11 standard sized F1B Bernedoodles on Friday, August 19th.  They will probably be about 50-55 lbs as adults.  All the merles are male and all the rest are girls!  Pups can go home on October 15. 

4.5 weeks

Aspen is the only solid apricot pup in this litter. She will be a light color when she grows up and is one of the bigger girls in the litter.


Aurora is the only apricot and white parti colored pup in the litter. She is exceedingly friendly. 


Avon is one of three black pups in Artemis’s litter. Her hair isn’t quite as curly as the other two but she is just as sweet.


Denver is a beautiful merle. He has virtually no white on him and is very friendly.


Durango is a beautiful world top with a lot of white accents. He is just adorable.  He is reserved for Jose.


Florence is a gorgeous shiny black, curly and very laid-back girl. 


Isabel is a very curly, shiny black girl who is very chill. She is very people oriented.


Monarch looks like a cute little cow. She is a tricolored parti colored girl.


Rocky is a male merle with beautiful patterns and some splashes of white.


Vail is a black and white girl.  She is the littlest one in the litter and is very outgoing.  She is reserved for Emily G.


Zephyr is the only phantom in the litter. Her phantom coloring will become more pronounced as she gets older. She is very cuddly.

At birth


The Parents:  Artemis and Ozzy



Ozzy-Ozzy lives with his family in Sacramento.  He is a large, very elegant boy!