Artemis and Colt had their first litter together on July 17.  Colt is a stud from Sapphire Ridge Poodles and is a 22 lb AKC miniature poodle with all of his genetic testing complete.  Artemis had such a varitey of colors and patterns, I was completely caught off guard!  It was an amazing delivery and every pup was special.   There are 3 girls and 7 boys.  The girls are a tri color, a black and tan with a white chest and a red and white parti.   I expect the puppies to mature to be 35-50 lbs.   I’ll be taking individual photos when their eyes are open, which is about 2 1/2weeks old.   I am adding only a few names to the waitlist till I know which puppies are available. 


The parents:  Artemis and Colt